The Great Show of Ezekiel

Moved our heads in prayer, Duchamp's fountain painted with chocolate, out of the fog shadow soldier came out, we lay just to the right side and lay only on the left side, we fell on the face and got up on the feet, we stood in four corners, rod the bread broken but we broke it again, the hair burned and Jerusalem fortified.

Chaya Ruckin & Tzfia Dgani

ARTOUR is an artistic action format that relies on tourist trips in the city. The tour was created as part of the Residence Building the Beita, do not provide information about the city but invites the participants to the cluster of images built along the route action / body kicks. The tour began with "act of land " as the perspective of the participants turned down, and ends with "act of Heaven" when their gaze is directed upward.


Man carries his death, at David tower Jerusalem, 3hr.


Chaya Ytzchaka, Going up Jerusalem, an original, international art project that documents a one-time-only journey: A community of artists, social activists, and intellectuals from both Israel and abroad make pilgrimage to Jerusalem. ​Creator: Guy Briller, ​ Photo: Yuval Yairi.

X Basta, To stick a head inside a watermelon with Reut Shaer. Between Green and Red, Muslala, Jerusalem.

To drink myself.


Star's of David, I'm facing a wall and throw them. Star of David slammed into the wall, laser cutting in iron 5X5cm each.


To stick my head inside a watermelon.


Exiting & Entering, I'm lying on the floor with a flower in my mouth and peeing. 30 minute.


To hold the ceiling, in the gallery there was a column. I had built another column in the same shape and size and left a gap for me to stand on and "hold the ceiling".

Like a ball, I wrapped myself in Izolir band and rolled in the space.


Lying on the ladder, lying on the ladder 15 minute's.

Go Through the Wall, Front and Back.